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Roberto Coin

The Designer


When we think of gold jewelry we immediately think of Italy and when we think Italian jewelry designers the first one to come to mind is Venetian designer Roberto Coin, who has devoted his life to a passion for fine jewelry design since 1977. In the world of fashion, Roberto Coin’s eponymous company has become an industry leader when it comes to inspired and innovative, yet classic luxury design. Experimenting with light, texture, color and pattern, Coin’s style is ever evolving. His diverse collection, designed to fit every woman, is defined by a common thread a thoughtful balance of elegance and creativity.

The Ruby

In 1996, Roberto Coin started signing his jewels by setting a small ruby hidden on the inside of each piece, allowing the distinguished gem to kiss the skin. During an interview with JCK Magazine, he was asked how the ruby became his signature and answered, “ I was reading a historic book and an old Egyptian legend took my attention. It talked about ancient pharaohs ­considering the ruby as a magic stone, able to provide health, happiness, and long life to those who kept it in contact with their skin.” Since he began using the ruby in his designs, the tradition has become the exclusive signature of every jewel by Roberto Coin, dedicated as a secret gift of good wishes to every woman lucky enough to wear one of his exclusive creations.

Mark your Calendar
Each year Roberto Coin visits just one or two places in the United States. Bromberg’s is thrilled to announce that he has decided to visit our Mountain Brook location on October 21st from 1 until 4 PM. We invite you to join us in welcoming this iconic designer to our store at this exclusive event!

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