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About Bromberg's

 Why You Should Shop at Our Jewelry Store

For more than 180 years Bromberg’s has provided fine jewelry and giftware options for the most discerning customers in Birmingham. Family owned and operated since 1836, Bromberg’s has established a solid reputation as a fine purveyor of quality diamonds as well as jewelry timepieces and gifts.

Our trained staff has the experience needed to help you find the right stone for your unique setting. This attention to detail is just one of the many reasons why you should shop at our jewelry store. We employ cutting-edge technology, such as the ASET machine, to demonstrate the fine quality of the cut and illustrate the light performance of different stones. We are the only members of the American Gem Society in the city of Birmingham. This status gives us unique access to quality stones and the education needed for our staff to help you feel confident in making a choice that will last a lifetime.

Bromberg’s carries a wide array of fine jewelry, timepieces, and engagement rings. We also have an extensive giftware department to service the registries of brides and grooms in the Birmingham area. We work with a large selection of designers to keep a rotating stock of unique items that are the perfect addition to any jewelry wardrobe or home. Custom jewelry options are available through our Master Jeweler Philip Flenniken and we offer custom engraving services.

Visit Bromberg’s today to meet our staff and view all of our offerings firsthand.


Through the Years



Frederick Bromberg

Bromberg's founder, Frederick Bromberg, moves to Mobile, AL from Bromberg, Prussia to open his first store.



“The Great Fire of 1839”

Hit Mobile and destroyed the original building and Bromberg moved to Dauphin Street. In this same year, Mobile was hit with a yellow fever epidemic and Frederick's wife contracted the disease.



Civil War

The American Civil War began with the attack of Fort Sumter.


1871-72 & 1900


Birmingham was founded and the First National Bank opened in Linn's Folly building on the corner of 1st Avenue and 20th Street.

1900: A Third Generation Bromberg moves to Birmingham to open a store in Linn's Folly.



The Woodward Building

Birmingham's first skyscraper, the Woodward Building, was being built on the opposite corner of Linn's Folly, beginning the construction of “The Heaviest Corner on Earth” as three more skyscrapers followed on the corner of 1st Avenue and 20th Street.


1902 & 1910

The Farley Building

The Farley Building was built on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 20th Street North.

1910: Bromberg's moved into the Farley Building.



The World At War

World War I wages on for four long years and three months.



218 North 20th Street

Bromberg's moved from the Farley Building to 218 North 20th Street, which was just next door.



Ups and Downs

Bromberg's became the first Kodak franchise in the South. The Stock Market Crashed which began the Great Depression.



World War II

The world again falls into the trenches of a World War. The fight between the Allies and the Axis forces waged on for over six long years.




The Fourth Generation of Bromberg's rebuild the building on the corner of 2nd Avenue and North 20th Street. This building was designed by architect J. Gordon Carr, who was famous for designing the Tiffany building on 5th Avenue in New York City.



The Crown of the Andes

The Crown of the Andes is displayed at Bromberg's. The crown was made from 18-22 karat gold with 450 emeralds and weighs over 100 pounds.



Mountain Brook Village

The Fifth Generation Bromberg's open an additional store on the circle of Mountain Brook Village. The architect on the project was Henry Sprott Long and the interior was designed by Gordon Carr. This opening began many years of growth and expansion for Bromberg's.



The Summit

The Sixth Generation Bromberg's open an additional store at the Summit.



Mountain Brook Renovations

The Mountain Brook location gets renovated just before the 50th Anniversary.

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