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Hand Engraving

Harold Herglotz, Jr. is a talented Master Hand Engraver. He engraves both crystal and precious metals, and his work is exquisite! Harold’s work is of museum quality, and Bromberg’s customers have the option to add an extra special personal touch to their purchases with his hand engraving. Typical engraved gifts include watch casebacks, the inside of rings, cuff links, baby gifts, and wedding gifts. A gift engraved by Harold is sure to be cherished for a lifetime!

Crystal Repair

Harold also provides crystal repair. While some pieces are beyond repair, Harold can work miracles sometimes! His typical crystal repair includes lowering rims of chipped goblets and precisely mending broken pieces. Please call or drop off your cracked, chipped, or broken crystal to our repair department for service. Crystal repair and hand engraving typically takes two weeks, but rush jobs can often be accommodated for an additional fee.

Machine Engraving

Bromberg’s also offers both crystal and metal machine engraving for Bromberg’s purchases. Pricing begins at $10, and the turnaround time is about one week.

Inquire about Engraving or Crystal Repair

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