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Meet Our Team

Bromberg's at Mountain Brook Team

Adam Stoner

Adam Stoner,


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Swann Little

Swann Little,

Assistant Manager

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Shannon Neal Watson

Shannon Neal Watson,

Senior Sales Associate

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Ryan Snuggs

Ryan Snuggs,

Certified Sales Associate

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Rebekah Anderson

Rebekah Anderson,

Sales Associate

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Janice Bowman

Janice Bowman,

Senior Bridal Consultant

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Vanissa Hargrove

Vanissa Hargrove,

Bridal Consultant

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Brittley Worthington

Brittley Worthington,

Bridal Consultant

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Madeline Phillips

Madeline Phillips,


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Shannon James

Shannon James,

Certified Appraiser

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Bromberg's at The Summit

Mark Wright

Mark Wright,


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Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas,

Assistant Manager

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Salim Shamy

Salim Shamy,

Certified Sales Associate

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Holly Falkner

Holly Falkner,

Sales Associate

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Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee,

Certified Sales Associate

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Becky Cook

Becky Cook,

Service Department

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Dot Hillard

Dot Hillard,

Gift Wrap

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