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Preparing for the fall wedding season: what you need to know

Here at Bromberg’s, we find it’s only fitting that fall covers the final months of wedding season. The air turns crisp with nostalgia. The leaves turn in anticipation of winter. Families across the country hunker down to work and study. And as things turn cold and busy, many find themselves preparing for a fall wedding. 

As you can imagine, fall weddings vary in style and setting. In many areas of the country, it’s still mild enough for an outdoor wedding. At the same time, nights get cool enough to justify an indoor reception. 

However, weather is far from the only consideration when planning a fall wedding. With covid still in full swing, we’re forced to confront necessary adjustments. Today, we’ll cover these questions and, in doing so, pass some tips on how to prepare for this fall’s wedding season. 

Ring Of The Season

Regardless of the season, trends in engagement rings are always top of mind. By fall, the season’s trends are beginning to set themselves in stone—so to speak. 

Pavé has been popular for ages. These days, a pavé ring seems to be on the finger of every betrothed. Pavé engagement rings boast small, exquisitely cut stones, set flush around the band, often twisting along meticulous curves and ridges. More extravagant pavé rings feature a traditionally mounted diamond betwixt the spread of inset stones. 

Pavé rings can be subtle, dazzling, or all in one. Inset rows of glistening diamonds draw curious eyes, while those mounted with traditional diamonds simply shock and awe as those who bear witness bend closer to better view the smaller stones bordering the stone and circling the band. 

Here at Bromberg’s, pavé rings are some of our most popular items. We carry these dynamic rings for both engagements and any class of enjoyment. Whether you’re preparing for the big question or putting the finishing touches on your outfit, Bromberg’s has got you covered. 

The Elephant In The Reception Hall: COVID-19

If you’re getting married this fall, you’ve almost certainly encountered challenges due to the pandemic. Certainly, things have gotten much better since you sent out invitations. But there’s still an elephant in the reception hall, and people have trouble agreeing on how to handle it. 

Many folks are still hesitant to socialize, let alone spend an entire day in proximity to dozens – if not hundreds – of other people. Which means, you are likely fielding calls and texts on a daily basis with regards to safety accommodations. In the end, it’s best to try and make everyone feel safe. 

The team here at Bromberg’s has witnessed plenty of successful weddings throughout the pandemic. Here are some of their best practices:

  • Make masks readily available 
  • Provide hand sanitizer at optimal locations and in gift bags
  • Include social distancing guidelines in your wedding program
  • Make an announcement at the beginning of the reception to remind everyone about masks, sanitizer, and social distancing measures
  • Keep tabs on state and local updates; they might affect your wedding plans
  • Consider requiring vaccination cards for entering the ceremony and reception
  • Allow yourself some flexibility; changes may be necessary to accommodate safety

This last point is truly important. The pandemic has made things difficult for everyone. Upticks in cases, changes in local regulations, and the sentiment among your guests are all totally out of your control. 

We know folks have successfully been married because, here at Bromberg’s, we’ve been following our favorite couples as they embark on their journey towards lifelong commitment. As long as you do your best, just try to let things come as they will, and enjoy the big day. 

What Better Time For An Outdoor Wedding?

Outdoor weddings offer some of the most beautiful settings. But they also pose some of the greatest challenges. The weather is often just perfect—mild, dry, and less volatile. (More on this in the next section.) But an unlucky storm can totally change the fabric of your wedding. 

Still, with everything that’s going on, an outdoor wedding might be the least risky option of all. Changes in guidance and mandates may have forced you to change plans. Or you may have a backup outdoor plan due to current circumstances. Either way, going with an outdoor wedding can make the difference between constant vigilance and near total normalcy. 

Checking vaccination cards, sanitizers, social distancing measures—all of this can dampen the big day far more than a few rain showers. Here at Bromberg’s, we have met countless couples who went with an absolutely gorgeous outdoor wedding and, even if the weather didn’t fully cooperate, they haven’t regretted it one bit. 

Everyone’s Favorite Season, But…

Okay, so fall isn’t everyone’s favorite season. But, statistically, fall is America’s favorite season. And for good reason. The weather turns drier and milder, and the rustic hues of turning leaves never fails to awe us. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things to look out for when planning that fall wedding, particularly if it’s outdoors. 

In our blog about summer weddings, we noted some precautions against the weather. Fall weddings have their own pitfalls. Outdoor weddings may require plenty of heating lamps or opportunities to go indoors for warmth. Wedding attendees must be sure to bring warmer clothes. Like summer weddings in the mountains, fall weddings in many places can get quite chilly in the evening and at night. 

That said, autumn weather tends to be more cooperative. But don’t let your location’s panorama fool you into thinking that beauty can prevent falling temperatures. Be sure to provide plenty of warmth for your guests, and as a guest, be sure to bring that extra article of clothing! 

One of the best aspects of serving customers is hearing their stories. People come to Bromberg’s for myriad reasons, from engagement rings to Mother’s Day gifts. Getting the scoop on fall trends is as much a matter of keeping our ear to the ground as keeping pace with the world at large. You can always count on us for the latest on preparing for the fall wedding season. Visit our blog or give us a call anytime for information. We look forward to seeing you here!

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