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Five hot tips for the perfect summer wedding

Here we are, right smack dab in the middle of wedding season. Many of you have already been to a few already. Some of you might be preparing for one of your own! With marriage on our minds, Bromberg’s experts have been cooking up the five hottest tips for the perfect summer wedding.

You could say that every season is wedding season here at Bromberg’s. Our team works with the betrothed year-round to help them create the wedding of their dreams. Whether you’re getting hitched next month or next year, you’re sure to find something for you in these five tips for the perfect summer wedding. 

Timing, Timing, Timing

Many of you may have heard of the three rules of real estate: location, location, location. To the untrained ear, it may seem like one rule repeated three times. But veteran real estate agents know the difference. Each ‘location’ stands for the specific city, transportation opportunities, and cultural and social opportunities. The same goes for the ‘timing’ of your summer wedding:

  • Time of day: There aren’t many people who enjoy hot and humid weather, and unfortunately, that defines most of our American summer days. Make sure to hold the wedding later in the day. This way, you get to be wed during a beautiful, warm dusk, rather than a sweltering sauna. 
  • Time of summer: We understand that not everyone can control their wedding date. Your dream reception location may only be available at a certain time. If you can, try to pick the nicest time of year, which is different for every area. For hotter climates such as the Southeast, a late summer wedding, near the end of September, would be ideal. Or, go for an earlier time in the summer, such as early June. More than the heat, midsummer in Birmingham is ripe for afternoon thunderstorms. 
  • Local time: This means understanding how the weather works throughout the day at your wedding location. Here in Birmingham, you don’t have to worry about the weather cooling down. But head west, where many of the most gorgeous mountain weddings are held, and you’d be surprised at how cool it can get at night. Believe it or not, you might need a few heat lamps! 

Try Not To Bug Out

Literally, Watch Out For Bugs

Many people choose summer weddings specifically so they can be held outside. The magic of summer weather allows for gorgeous sunsets and majestic views. 

The problem with warm weather is that every other living thing seems to enjoy it too—like bugs. 

Let’s face it: No one likes bugs. There’s a reason people say ‘bug off’ when they’re being annoyed. So make sure you prepare your defense—and do so in style

  • chic veils to protect seating areas under tents
  • gift basketball including mini-fans, bug repellent, and sunblock
  • larger fans allocated tastefully throughout the reception area
  • decorative bug zappers 
  • anti-bug flower arrangements with citronella, marigolds, lavender, and more
  • citronella candles

You can even ask your dress stylist about antibug attire! Any of these ideas will tell those pesky little mosquitoes and gnats to bug off. Just make sure you give this some thought, so your family and friends aren’t waving off bugs while trying to sign the guestbook. 

Plan Your Registry Early!

Here at Bromberg’s, we’ve seen more than our fair share of weddings. Moreover, we specialize in wedding registries. So we can state, without questions, that those who prepare their registry early enjoy the smoothest ride toward the big day. Those that don’t…well, they tend to bug out!

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. Check out our registry options on our site. Bromberg’s has the widest and best selection of gift items, and we make the process as smooth and simple as possible for you and all your guests. 

The Perfect Summer Wedding Doesn’t Have To… 

…Be On Saturday

This is one of our favorite tips. Many couples become frustrated when they can’t find a Saturday that fits with any of their favorite locations. But who says your wedding must fall on a Saturday? Certainly not Sarah and Jake, who hosted their wedding, with the help of our finest experts here at Bromberg’s, on Monday, September 21, 2020. 

Naturally you don’t want to encroach upon your guests’ schedules. Fridays and Sundays, however, can be just as accommodating. And for those of you seeking an exclusive wedding with only the closest friends and family, weekdays are not totally out of the question. 

Saturday has long been our chosen day of espousal. But times are changing, and so are weddings. But your perfect summer wedding might just be one or two days away. 

…Be Outside

You might have noticed that all our tips for the perfect summer wedding have been geared toward outdoor weddings. Last we checked, there’s no law against holding an indoor wedding in July. 

It’s true that many choose a summer wedding for this reason, taking advantage of the warmth to hold location or scenic weddings. But we’ve noted plenty of obstacles, and more importantly, your dream wedding might take place in a beautiful ballroom or chic converted warehouse. Plus, if you want to enjoy some air, you can always open a window!

The Wedding Plan B

No one wants a wedding ruined by weather. But if you don’t have a backup plan, then inclement weather will do just that. That’s why our first tip was, well, first. Remember those afternoon thunderstorms? 

Many outdoor venues have an indoor option should the weather prove uncooperative. Also, weather isn’t the only disruptor. Technical problems, illnesses, and many other things can force changed plans. That’s why it’s important to discuss backup plans with your wedding planner or venue manager. 

Your Plan B doesn’t have to be another location altogether. In fact, we suggest you do everything in your power to hold the perfect summer wedding where it was first envisaged. All it takes is preparation. 

Any outdoor wedding should have a tent ready. Preferably, it should be propped over the main seating area regardless of the forecast. Keep umbrellas in pretty buckets near entrances and exits for those who need to use the bathroom or head to their cars. Reserve cheap ponchos as well. Speaking of umbrellas, think about giving out parasols, perhaps in your gift baskets. Parasols are a great way to merge cute decorative items with practical use against the sun. 

If something else gets in the way, your wedding doesn’t have to be dampened by weather or unforeseen changes. Remember to create your contingency plan, and nothing can stop you from holding the wedding of your dreams—even if he forgets his ring. Bromberg’s has you covered!

’Tis The Season To Eat Ice Cream

If you’re going to pony up for a summer wedding, you might as well jump in with two feet. Embrace the summer through your menu. Think of fun foods and the medium by which they are served. Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Good old fashioned Birmingham Barbecue
  • Mock canteens serving fancy pool foods like ice cream sundaes, fresh-squeezed slushies and popsicles, mini hot dogs and sliders
  • Location themes, like Maine-style lobster and seafood, or location weddings with historically local dishes
  • Summery cocktails and chilled rosé

There are plenty of summer-themed foods that you can spruce up and make wedding-ready. Just make sure to have fun, and keep it cool!

As your go-to for wedding ideas, Bromberg’s is always keeping up with the latest trends. More than that, we’re on the vanguard of new ideas that wedding aficionados have yet to see. Be sure to stay tuned for more on our hot wedding tips as 2021 roll along!

Give us a call at (205) 871-3276 or (205)-969-1776, visit our website to shop online, or stop by our Mountain Brook or Summit locations. 

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