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Mix & Match Fall Tablescapes: How to Create a Uniquely Festive Look

Fall tablescape ideas brought to you by Bromberg’s & Juliska

How do we love fall tablescapes here at Bromberg’s? Let us count the ways! A well-made tablescape is like a work of art that unfolds on your dining table, offering a visual symphony of colors, textures, and themes. These carefully curated place settings go beyond the arrangement of plates and cutlery alone—they’re a true reflection of creativity and personal style.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, hosting a holiday feast, or simply elevating everyday dining, tablescapes allow you to engage all the senses in your home design. 

With the right mix of dinnerware, centerpieces, and decorative touches, tablescapes transform meals into experiences that make every gathering memorable and meaningful.

We’ve talked before about the art of table-making, but this year we want to change things up a little. Some of our favorite lines—Juliska, Vietri, and Herend, to name a few—are introducing new patterns, and it’s a great opportunity to reflect on timeless favorites, too. So, why not mix and match?

The Case for a Mix-and-Match Tablescape

Patterns—by their very nature—are pleasing to the human eye and made to go together by design. It’s quite literally in our DNA to crave and seek out patterns. But by getting creative with our fine china collections, we can create new visual rhymes, like poetry in porcelain. A bolt of color here, a striking new texture there all make for a charming tablescape that sets the scene for magic at any autumn gathering.

The key thing to keep in mind is play, and making a story out of your colors and choices. While it’s natural to worry about overdoing it, there are a few keys to balancing creativity and chaos:

  • Start with what you love and build from there
  • Play with layering colors: two or three usually work best
  • Accessorize to bring the look together—it’s about more than plates alone! 
  • Incorporate glassware, salt & pepper shakers, napkin rings, and other elements into the theme

For more tips and tricks to guide your creations, check out these 5 tips for setting an unforgettable holiday table!

Fall Tablescape Ideas to Kickstart Autumn Inspiration

Juliska Thanksgiving Traditions with Forest Walk and Jardins Du Monde patterns

Thanksgiving Traditions by Juliska

Everyone has their favorite fall Juliska pattern—but if you’re having trouble deciding between two, you may just be able to combine them into something beautiful. We love the pop of green that the Veronica Beard Jardins Du Monde Party Plate lends to our team’s fall favorite Forest Walk pattern. This table is set with the Forest Walk dinner plate and dessert/salad plate (set of four), along with a delicate yet playful Amalia white wine glass.

You’ll also notice that our new side/cocktail plate features two charming critters in the center—Juliska’s Clever Creatures Fox Salt and Pepper set (coming soon!). These delightful adornments bring another layer of texture to the plate setting with the brown wood grain texture along the rim. Finally, our Rustic Rope Charger anchors the entire look together.

Herend Art Deco pattern in blue, grey, and green

Shape & Color: Art Deco Inspo with Herend

Herend’s porcelain elegance can speak volumes with simple, hand-painted designs. You can mix and match Herend in two ways: same color, different pattern, or same pattern, different colors. We recommend experimenting both ways to find an approach that you love most.

Herend’s gold patterns lend themselves particularly well to autumn place settings. See what enchanting statements you can make mixing the dramatic curves of the Fish Scale Gold Service Plate with another golden pattern. From the regal communion suggested by Golden Laurel to the eternally captivating Golden Trellis, you never know what unexpected surprises await.

We also love the possibilities inherent in Herend’s Art Deco pattern. The brighter blues and greens can easily be dressed for autumn, echoing pumpkin vine and those deep, clear skies we’re starting to see here in Birmingham. The grays bring autumnal serenity to these playful colors, which are all anchored together by the harvest gold accents at the inflection points.

Vietri Wildlife tablescape

Wild & Wonderful with Vietri

There’s no better time to celebrate the bounty of nature than autumn, which is why we love the whimsical Vietri Wildlife pattern at this time of year. This pattern contains multitudes, with enough exciting pieces to be a mix-and-match all on its own in many respects. But call us crazy—we think adding a splash of autumnal green to these pieces can bring out their loveliness even further.

Pairing Wildlife with Lastra Green enhances both patterns’ sense of rustic charm and elegance in asymmetry. Lastra is, after all, the most popular Vietri collection, prized for its simultaneous simplicity and elements of surprise. The hunter-green hue and dark dusting around the rim of the Lastra dinner plates are an unexpected complement to Wildlife’s classic grandeur, but we think it works—and we hope you find unique inspiration in trying out new combinations, too.

Explore the Tablescape Possibilities at Bromberg’s

At Bromberg’s, we love playing with the possibilities of our extensive dinnerware and serveware collections. When you’re ready to explore this season’s favorites, stop by Bromberg’s in Mountain Brook or The Summit. We’d love to chat with you about your vision and help you find the perfect pieces to tie it all together before the family starts to gather around the table.

Bromberg’s: Birmingham’s Trusted Fine Jewelers 

It’s getting to be Bromberg’s favorite time of year—with fall traditions, holidays, and gatherings on the horizon, we’re gearing up for fantastic festivities. Don’t miss Juliska Week from October 9-14th at both of our showroom locations! Get an exclusive look at this year’s newest pieces and get expert advice to make your holiday vision a reality. For a personalized experience, schedule an appointment by calling Mountain Brook at (205) 871-3276 or The Summit at (205) 969-1776

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