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How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring Style Without Asking

You’ve found the girl—the one you can’t imagine doing life without. And you know that a surprise proposal would mean the world to her. The only trouble is, how do you find the perfect engagement ring style without asking her what she wants and ruining the surprise?

At Bromberg’s, we know a thing or two about engagement rings. After all, we’ve played our part in Birmingham weddings since 1836! We’ve already talked about some of the engagement ring lingo, budgeting, and style information that will be helpful for you to know as you do your research. Now, let’s talk about her—what kind of ring will sweep your wife-to-be off her feet?

Here’s our style sleuthing guide for choosing the perfect ring for her taste.

How to Discover Her Engagement Ring Style

Start Looking and Listening—and Take Notes

The most important place to start in your detective work is the woman herself. You adore her—you want to spend the rest of your life with her. So, begin tuning your ears and eyes to her everyday style and conversation.

Listen to see if she makes comments on jewelry commercials or ads. If her friends get engaged, does she say anything about their engagement rings? Some women will even recruit their friends to drop hints to you about the kind of jewelry they love. You have to be all ears during this special time in your life.

Even if she doesn’t drop overt engagement ring hints—though more than half of Americans do—plenty of everyday things can clue you in. Start paying attention to the jewelry she wears on a regular basis. Compliment what she wears—what she says about her own accessories can speak volumes about her tastes and desires.

Call in for Backup

When you propose to your girlfriend, her friends and family will become yours, too. From her mom to her sister to her best friend, you’ve got a network of women who know her tastes—maybe even better than she does. 

Consider asking the women closest to her if they have any suggestions to help you out. You can even show them pictures of what you’re thinking to get their expert opinion. This route can be a good bonding experience, and it’s sure to impress.

Visit Your Local Jeweler

Finally, Bromberg’s can help, too—particularly when it comes to sizing the ring. If you have access to another ring that she wears frequently (and can borrow it without arousing suspicion) you can bring it to us to get the size. Alternatively, take a pencil and carefully trace around the inside of the ring onto a piece of paper. Then, bring that paper to us—we can usually get a good idea from there. 

Bromberg’s Engagement Ring Style Guide

For the Upscale, Down-Home Girl

Your girl is grace personified—but she’s no stranger to a day on the farm or afternoon on the river. For the Southern girl who can do it all, we recommend a traditional, classic ring like the Solitaire: one dazzling diamond that says everything about solidarity, strength, and stunning beauty.

Another wonderful option is a piece of heirloom jewelry to honor the family heritage that you’ll be continuing together. At Bromberg’s, we can clean and size precious heirloom jewelry, breathing new life into beloved pieces that will last a lifetime.

For the Big City Sophisticate

Does the woman of your dreams live and breathe for the finer things? If she loves nothing more than dressing up for a lavish night on the town, we recommend something as extravagantly elegant as she is. Square cut diamonds like the French Pavé look especially gorgeous in the gleam of candlelight and city nights.

Treat her like the royalty she is with a princess cut diamond, with its gleaming lines that have captured hearts for generations. For something that will reflect back all the brilliance of Birmingham’s city lights, go the extra mile with a halo style—a band of shimmering diamonds that can’t help but draw the eye.

For the Boho-Chic Queen

You’ve never met anyone like her—and neither has anyone else. She’s a free spirit with eclectic taste and defies all expectations. For the woman whose taste is as unique as her style, we of course recommend something non-traditional. 

Vintage styles may be your best bet, as they speak to a love that is both timeless and bespoke. Art Deco-inspired styles with emerald cuts, multiple colors, and ornate settings are making a huge comeback. A unique vintage piece is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show that once-in-a-lifetime girl how you truly feel.

For the Woman You Love

At the end of the day, this moment is about you and the woman you want to spend forever with. If she hasn’t already told you what she loves, there are plenty of ways to discover her tastes and surprise her with something amazing. When you’re ready to explore your options and take the plunge, visit the experts at Bromberg’s to make her dreams come true.

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