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6 Ideas to Spice Up Your Place Settings

Place settings are a wedding tradition dating back hundreds of years, from when Medieval Europeans brought their own cutlery to elaborate, family-style dinners. Today, we know there are not only ample options for cutlery but also specific place settings involving plates, dishes, bowls, glassware, and more. 

As Americans become much more informal in their dining preferences, however, many falsely assume that registering for place settings is out of style. When in reality, that perception couldn™t be further from the truth. Today’s young, modern couples are registering for place settings yet are putting their own unique twists on this wedding tradition. 

Here are a few ways you can adopt a “fresh” mentality about place settings and work them into your wedding plans or lives as a new couple. 

What To Consider Before You Register for Place Settings


Tip #1: Make a list of everything included in a place setting

Our first tip in making the most out of your place settings is ensuring that you register for everything you need. This includes but is not limited to: 

  1. Dinnerware ”“ think plates (dinner, salad, etc.), dishes, bowls, and beyond. When selecting dinnerware, think about what qualities are important to you. For example, should the choices be dishwasher or microwave safe? Will you display the dinnerware in a china cabinet or in the kitchen? Answering these questions will help you choose dinnerware that works best for you. 
  2. Glassware ”“ glasses for water and wine are a great place to start, but there are many options to choose from depending on what you would normally drink or serve in your home. From an old fashioned to champagne to tumblers ”“ consider what you typically have with brunch, lunch, or dinner. Will crystal suit your preferences or needs, or will you need something a bit more casual?  
  3. Flatware  ”“ beautiful options abound in both stainless steel and sterling silver, but keep in mind whether or not you will take the time to polish and care for silver. 
  4. Serveware ”“ many of you, upon getting married, will graduate to having to bring a dish to family functions. No more ice or rolls for you! Therefore, don™t pass up the opportunity to register for something showstopping you can use to wow friends and family. 


Tip #2: Think about how many place settings you need

Consider your new lives as a young couple. Will you be entertaining people or are you homebodies? 

Whether you realize it or not, your lifestyle plays a major role in how many place settings you should select. It’s always a wise choice to start with 6-8 settings and build as you go.

Adding to your china collection is a wonderful way to celebrate anniversaries and other milestones in your marriage. 

You can always work your way up to 10 or 12, rather than having too many place settings at the start and letting them sit in the cupboard. Think about what you™ll most likely use and how often then allow that to be your starting point. 


Enjoying Your Place Settings Once You Receive Them


Tip #3: Get your parents™ or grandparents™ china out of storage

If your parents or grandparents are Bromberg’s customers, it’s likely they have beautiful china which will be passed down to you. Many of today’s couples find creative ways to incorporate antique pieces into their new collection. 

Yes, many millennial couples have already coined the term “grandma chic” and apply it to furniture, decor, and even dishes or place settings. What’s old is new again, and what’s fresh is blending the two together! 


Tip #4: Mix and match patterns for a cozy, rustic feel

In addition to blending the old and the new, many couples are also mixing patterns for a cozy feel. Think solids and florals, different designs in a similar color scheme, and blending complementary colors into one place setting. 

The bottom line is that there’s no wrong way to mix and match your plates. The design and colors should reflect your personality and style as a couple. Mixing patterns is one way to create a provincial, rustic mood indoors. 


Tip #5: Use “fancy” china to dress-up weeknight dinners

Let’s face it: you haven™t been able to go out to eat at your favorite restaurants very much this year. There’s nothing, however, from keeping you from creating a formal restaurant mood at home, even with weeknight dinners. 

Using formal china or servingware during the weeknight is a delicious way to spice up ho-hum routines and get some use out of the gifts friends and family have bestowed upon you. Change it up by using your china more often! 


Tip #6: Incorporate table linens seasonally to add flare

One way to take your decor up a notch every month or season is to add in table linens. Table cloths, cloth napkins, table runners, and other decorative items can easily make table settings appropriate for spring or summer. They can transform a Thanksgiving table into a Christmas or Hanukkah table in a snap. 

In addition to table settings, consider what types of linens would help you set a seasonal atmosphere in your dining room. 


Bromberg’s and The Art of Choosing Your Place Settings

If you™re reading these tips and still unsure of where to start, call one of our sales associates. Bromberg’s has worked with couples for decades on finding the perfect settings for your newlywed tables. What else? We know how to help you select patterns and styles to last generations, providing your children and grandchildren with a special gift from you. 

Contact us today and let us know where you are in your gift registering journey. We™ll give you more insights and help you personalize your china cabinet with choices that not only look incredible but also reflect the personality of you as a couple. 

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