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Why Cut is our Favorite of the “4 C’s”

When people talk about what they love about a diamond, sparkle is often at the top of their list. But when people go to shop for a diamond, it is usually the last thing they ask about. Instead people most often start by asking to see a certain carat weight and shape, followed by questions about color and clarity and then of course price. Would you be surprised to learn that you might see two stones of the exact same carat weight, color and clarity in the shape and they might have drastic different values? Many people find this surprising. We think this is because of the confusion often felt over a diamond’s cut and a diamond’s shape. When we talk about the cut of a diamond, we are talking about the angles of the facets of the diamond. When we talk about diamond shape, we are talking about the basic shape of a stone, i.e. round brilliant, emerald cut, princess cut, radiant cut, etc.

All other things being the same, a diamond’s cut is what determines it’s true beauty. The better the quality of a diamond’s cut, the better the facets interact with light. A masterfully cut diamond has a flash and a scintillation that shows all the best qualities of the stone. We have had customers come into our stores time from to time, having purchased diamonds from competitors who emphasize the other “c’s” and gloss over the importance of cut and we answered their questions about why our diamonds have more sparkle and more fire than the diamond on which they received a so-called “deal.” The answer is always the same. We sell only beautifully cut diamonds. Our diamonds are graded on cut and we can show you firsthand the amazing difference that a masterful cut can make in a diamond.

We hope when you are ready to purchase a diamond, that you will come into Bromberg’s and allow us to use our state of the art tools show you what to look for in a well cut stone. We are more than happy to help you make a choice based on a stone’s true value, not some sales pitch aimed at dogging “the other guys.” We love beautiful diamonds and the happiness they bring our customers. We want you and your family to be happy with your selection of a diamond for generations to come.