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Wedding Photography Trends In 2020

Acclaimed photographer and wedding trend expert Arden Ward Upton shares her insights into What's #trending in 2020.

No one knows more about what is trending in wedding photography that our beautiful and talented friend Arden. She is one of the South's most sought after wedding photographers and her work has been featured in too many publications to try to list. In this post she shares her insights into what couples planning weddings are asking for in 2020.

Unplugged Weddings

An unplugged wedding ceremony is the number one topic for our brides booking 2020 wedding photography. Couples are looking for more input over what photos are posted and especially when they are posted. Brides in particular want to make sure that images posted of them in their wedding dress wait until after the ceremony.

Photo: Arden Ward Upton

Hashtags Are Still #trending

While many brides wish for guests to wait until after the ceremony to post photos, wedding hashtags remain all the rage! Couples are continue having fun coming up with unique wedding hashtags to be used during the wedding planning process and on their big day, making it easier for friends and families to find and share posts on social media for all to enjoy.

Photo: Arden Ward Upton

Printed Photographs

Prints are back! The time when letting your beautiful wedding day photos reside solely on your computer, phone or social media is over. Let’s all cheer! A dramatic resurgence of tangible items ordered vs strictly downloads in on the rise.

Photo: Arden Ward Upton

Wedding Albums

In keeping with more brides ordering professional quality prints, I am happy to say that we have also witnessed more couples ordering wedding albums in 2019 than in the past 4 or 5 years. It's wonderful to see more photos displayed in frames and lovely albums gracing coffee tables again.

Photo: Arden Ward Upton

Guest Experience

The guest experience has been a major topic for 2020 couples. We are seeing a smaller guest list and a more grand experience. It’s all about making each guest feel loved and special.

Photo: Arden Ward Upton


With a smaller, more intimate guest list, many couples find they are able to slow down and interact with guests and each other in an authentic, meaningful way, allowing them to enjoy the celebration in a more relaxed fashion.

Photo: Arden Ward Upton

Wedding Weekend Excursions

Along with more conservative guest lists, destination weddings seem to be as popular as ever and often include special pre-wedding excursions or group outings. Experience based events such as clay shoots for the guys and spa trips for the girls are an ever growing part of the wedding weekend.

Photo: Arden Ward Upton

Documenting Details

Brides continue to want an elegant, Instagram-worthy photographic record of all the little details that have been chosen to make their special day uniquely theirs, such as the lay flat displayed in the photo shown here.

Photo: Arden Ward Upton

Going Analog

In keeping with the "unplugged wedding" trend, requests for weddings to be shot on old-fashioned film are seeing an up-tick. There is a certain grainy, authentic apeal to photos shot on film and shooting with film requires different skills than digital photography. When asking to have your wedding shot on film, make certain that your photographer has the experience and expertise to capture your special day in this medium.

Photo: Arden Photography

A Curated Experience

Brides are more aware than ever that to have the most stress-free wedding day, having the right team of professionals on hand in key, whether you are planning an intimate ceremony and reception, a large formal affair, or a destination wedding. When chosing wedding vendors, ask other wedding professionals that you trust who they love working with. The right team can working together seemlessly give your wedding a curated feel that will not only look wonderful in photographs, but will give you, your family and your guests beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Photo: Arden Photgraphy

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