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Turning Heads: Our Windows on Display!

Every brick and mortar retailer knows the the power of engaging window displays. Window displays can entice, inspire and motivate shoppers to stop in their tracks and walk through the door of the store. We have prided ourselves on having some of the most beautiful window displays around at all of our locations over the years. In this post we will share some of our favorite  images of our window displays. Of course when we were founded over 180 years ago there were no cameras to capture displays and unfortunately we have few images of our windows over the vast span of our history. But we have many gorgeous photographs of our more recent displays that we hope you will enjoy and we invite you to stop by and see our beautiful ever-changing displays at all of our locations.

Display windows at our old Twentieth Street location were mainly used to showcase jewelry, while our giftware selections were touted on a second story sign.

When our new Downtown building was designed the display windows were a very important feature.

Our Mountain Brook location is well known for it’s beautiful windows, which are frequently changed out as we receive the latest giftware and jewelry. 

Here is an amazing display featuring Skyros dinnerware. This display was created by our own wonderful Bill Aldridge and was also displayed at the Atlanta Tabletop and Giftware market.

Our Mountain Brook location beckons passersby to take a closer look.

This photo shows an interior shot of one of our Mountain Brook display windows during the 2016 holiday season.

When we closed retail operations in our downtown Birmingham location many people wondered what would happen with the windows in the downtown building. Luckily the Bromberg family knew that the fabulous display windows in our beautiful pink granite mid-century modern Downtown Birmingham Building were worthy of remaining dressed to impress passersby. We still house our corporate offices and stockrooms in the downtown building and the windows are changed out seasonally to the delight of Bromberg’s employees and all those who frequent this bustling area of Birmingham. We are lucky to have the very talented Kathy D’agostina design our Downtown Building’s amazing window displays.

This Year’s Valentine’s Day window features a Parian theme and a working console television playing romantic black and white movies.

This delightful downtown display is in honor of Earth Day.

This minimalist window from the autumn of 2016 is the perfect showcase for Asian inspired style.

A Forth of July picnic is featured in this patriotic display from the summer of 2016.

This wonderful display at our Downtown Birmingham Building features the original blueprints from the when the building was designed and built.

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