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More is More: Tips for Tastefully Layering Jewelry

The rules of layering have evolved when it comes to necklaces and other jewelry. Birmingham, AL residents may be tempted to try the layering trend, but nervous that they™ll come off as clunky or overdressed. Fear not! Layering is a fantastic way to spice up your look. Here are some ideas and tips to consider:

David Yurman layered necklaces, birmingham - Bromberg Co & Inc

1. Tier pieces according to size
Layering novices will love this easy approach. Simply start with a short, smaller, more delicate piece. Then add a medium-length chain or thicker piece. Finally, finish the neck-framing look with a third, longer chain that is more oversized.

2. Mix the big with the tiny
If tiering seems too structured for your taste, consider going to another extreme. Overlap a dainty piece with an oversized statement piece. This works well with all types of jewelry. Birmingham, AL collectors and fashionistas can try this trick with rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

3. Remove pendants for a streamlined look
Try layering with a series of simple chains without pendants. This approach works well for office or day wear. You can then always modify the look slightly for evening by removing a chain or two and adding pendants. This is a fantastic, easy change that can take an outfit from day to night in an instant!

4. Mix silver tones with gold
Once considered a no-no, today it is perfectly acceptable to mix white gold, silver, and platinum with gold pieces from your collection of jewelry. Birmingham, AL jewelers suggest avoiding a 50-50 mix of colors, choosing just a hint of an alternating color instead of half silver and half gold.

5. Get inspiration from popular designers
If mixing and matching your jewelry from different collections seems like too much work for you, seek out inspiration in the pages of fashion magazines. Designers like David Yurman and John Hardy are experts at layering, even offering pieces that work together effortlessly.

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