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This Fall’s Hottest Accessory Trends

As we near the colder months, we begin to stow away our AC units and bring out the holiday decorations and fall outfits. With these fall and winter outfits come their corresponding accessories that complete the look. Rest assured, at Bromberg’s stores in Mountain Brook Village and The Summit are this fall’s hottest accessory trends. 

Accessories are an outfit’s secret ingredient. Come fall, we wrap ourselves in sweaters, scarves, and leggings. We’re given an opportunity to accessorize with more refinement. But, with great power comes great responsibility. Here’s what you need to know about this fall’s trends in accessories. 

The Importance Of Being Accessorized

As we enter the fall of 2021, accessorizing is evolving. On one hand, we’re reconciling the clash between fall’s rustic colors and our shinier accessories. On the other, accessories are making a much bigger impact. More than completing our outfits, this fall’s accessory trends are completing a display of our personalities and values.

Blending With The Bling

Shiny On Rustic

Though not true for everyone, when the first leaves start to fall, many of us go straight for the darker, more rustic autumn colors. In the simplest sense, our outfits begin to match fall colors. 

One of the tougher feats to pull off during the fall is blending the shiny with the rustic. Gravitating towards the pumpkin-colored corduroy needn’t keep you from donning your brightest bling

In fact, this is a perfect example of when high-low fashion comes into play. Many of our favorite fall outfits come straight off the consignment rack—faded vintage gems in their own right that put the perfect touch on your autumn outfit. 

Fine-Tuning Your Stones

In our previous blog on fall weddings, we mentioned the frenzy we’ve witnessed here at Bromberg’s for pavé rings. Engagements aside, pavé rings offer a perfect example of how to fine-tune your accessories to fit with the hottest fall trends. Subtle, inset stones blend better with fall’s mustards and pastels. You can even choose colors more suited to your outfits, from yellow diamonds to rustic gemstones. 

This goes for any of your accessories, whether it’s your bejeweled handbag or the cross pendant adorning your decolletage. It’s difficult to remember at times, but luxury doesn’t only come in black and white.

Accessorizing For Yourself

Back in the old days, American status symbols involved a range of large luxury items: big house, fancy car, and diamonds. It’s not that these things no longer represent high status. It’s that our values have changed, and status has become more a frame of mind—wearing your worth not for the eyes of others, but for yourself. 

The pandemic showed that many people need to retain physical evidence of their value. You work hard, and you deserve to look good, regardless of whether you’re meeting someone over a croque monsieur or a Zoom meeting. 

Accessories As A Statement

Over the course of the pandemic, the staff here at Bromberg’s has catered to countless people looking to maintain their sense of self-esteem and pride. More than this, however, as we continue emerging from the depths of the pandemic this fall, accessories have become an extension of those wearing them. 

Rather than the label or insignia of a Rolex, this fall’s accessorizers look to customize styles, patterns, and colors. Rings and necklaces speak to the hues, shapes, and tones that they favor. And yes, at times, we serve customers looking to treat themselves to something special, to the extent that one customer, who prefers to remain anonymous, purchased an engagement ring in a statement of commitment to love and honor themselves. 

This fall’s trends mark a truly special time in the history of fashion and design. This is particularly true for this fall’s trends in accessories. Society continues to become more conscious of what luxury, worth, and value mean to individual citizens. Here at Bromberg’s we see this in smaller details such as the blending of jewelry and fall trends in fashion. But we also see it in how more and more people are accessorizing for themselves, just as much as for others. 

Here at Bromberg’s, you don’t need a reason outside yourself to accessorize.

About Bromberg’s

It’s Bromberg’s mission to provide clients with an unforgettable and enjoyable luxury experience. We operate two Birmingham fine jewelry stores located in Mountain Brook Village and the Summit. At each of our locations, we provide meticulous attention to our products to ensure quality for our loyal customers. If you are looking for that special piece, need a jewelry repair or appraisal, or just have a general question or comment, please contact us.

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