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Starting a Jewelry Tradition – Add-A-Pearl for every girl!

Having been around for 181 years, we, of course, have seen numerous trends come go but one trend that originated in 1915 stuck around to become a treasured tradition and that is the Add-A-Pearl necklace from the Juergens and Andersen Company. This trademarked item quickly blossomed into a popular gift item for baby girls as it was an economical way for a girl to assemble a natural pearl necklace over the course of time, a valuable and cherished keepsake which became a timeless tradition embraced throughout America.

Of course, pearls have been treasured for their beauty and rarity since before recorded history. And with the advent of fine cultured pearls by Kokichi Mikimoto, pearls become a modern fashion staple. But before cultured pearls became available natural pearls were all there were and because of their rarity, they remain the most treasured type of pearl. Natural pearls are so rare that only about 1 in every 10,000 oysters will ever produce a pearl and only about 1 in every 1000 natural pearls will be round in shape.

For more than 100 years we have seen people lovingly start the Add-A-Pearl tradition for a sweet new baby or little girl with a beautiful 14 karat gold starter necklace featuring sometimes one pearl and sometimes several and then add to the necklace with carded pearls for birthdays and other special occasions over the years. As the pearls are added, the necklaces assume more and more sentimental and real value until eventually the necklace is completed, often just in time for another special occasion such as a graduation or wedding. These authentic natural pearl necklaces are true heirloom items to be treasured for generations to come.

Here at Bromberg’s, we are proud to offer the finest natural pearl starter necklaces and pearl additions from Add-A-Pearl. Call or stop in to start a family tradition for a little girl close to your heart today.


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