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Six Ideas for a Fun Fall Proposal

Utilize the beauty of fall as a backdrop for the perfect wedding proposal. Autumn activities such as bonfires, hayrides, and corn mazes are picture perfect.
Once fall arrives, the weather begins to cool and leaves change to beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red. Romance is in the air, which makes it the perfect time to plan a wedding proposal. Here are six fall proposal ideas to make lasting memories.

Around the Bonfire

Bonfires themselves are romantic couples cuddling close to stay warm while watching the colorful flames from the fire dance before their eyes. Plan to make s’mores and secretly hide the bottom half of the ring in a marshmallow. She’ll discover the engagement ring while putting the marshmallow on the roasting stick.

Inside the Pumpkin

Plan a day of fall decorating that ends with the lighting of a few pumpkins on the porch. The ring can be swapped with the pumpkin’s candle when the bride-to-be isn’t looking. When she goes to light the candle, she finds the surprise of her life instead.

On a Hayride

Hayrides are quite popular during the autumn months, so the proposer won’t have any trouble taking advantage of this. He can workout a deal with the hayride operator ahead of time to prepare a special stop where the words “Will You Marry Me” are displayed for all to see. Once the couple reaches the stop, the future fiancé can get down on one knee and pull out the ring.

At the Bottom of the Apple Cider

Head to the apple orchard to pick a basket of apples together. Talk with the owners ahead of time to see if they provide apple cider (many orchards do), or pack a picnic including this tasty fall beverage. When no one is looking, slip the ring in one of the glasses. Once the special lady sees the ring, the lucky guy can finish the proposal.

On the Football Field

Sports lovers may wish to organize a proposal out on the football field during half time. The stadium or sports organization will have to be informed first and may already have a procedure for this type of proposal. If it isn’t possible to use the field, there’s always the giant screen, which will offer just as much of a surprise for the potential bride-to-be.

In the Corn Maze

It will take some planning, but a corn maze scavenger hunt could be the perfect setting for an ambitious proposal. Ask the owners if it is possible to set things up ahead of time. Have different stations throughout the maze with little clues that lead up to the big question at the end of the maze.

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