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Real Wedding Merrick Wiedrich & Wes Wilson

Merrick Wiedrich & Wes Wilson

November 20, 2010
Ceremony: Trinity United Methodist Church
Reception: Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort
Photos by: Arden Photography

Most interfaith couples go through months of counseling before making that lifetime commitment of marriage. In a way, it wasn™t terribly different for Merrick Wiedrich and Wes Wilson. Their differences could have been very problematic; some couples just can™t overcome issues so drastic, especially when both have a rich family history steeped in their own traditions and beliefs. You see, Merrick Wiedrich is an Alabama alumni and season ticket holder and Wes Wilson’s dad played for Auburn and they both take their football very seriously. But Merrick knew she had a keeper when after just a few months of dating, Wes was a good sport at the 2008 Iron Bowl when the Tide won the game. When Wes proposed to Merrick on January 30, 2010, there was no Orange & Blue or Crimson & White. Real love, after all, is colorblind.

Here’s their wedding story:

The Back Story

The first time Merrick met Wes, it was during a chance business encounter. She™d gotten a referral for some recruitment materials she needed for work and as fate would have it, Wes was the account manager. About a year later, Merrick was out with friends and bumped into Wes. They chatted briefly and Wes asked Merrick for her phone number, hoping they could go out sometime. A week later, Wes called and the couple made plans to meet at Jackson’s Restaurant in Homewood on the following Thursday. They had a great time together and discovered they had a lot in common, outside of football, that is. After they talked for hours and they finally said their goodbyes, Merrick was surprised when Wes called her roughly three minutes later. What he said probably made her fall in love with him on the spot”¦“I know there’s probably some protocol about how long you are supposed to wait to call”¦.” Needless to say, they made plans for the following night and starting dating seriously within a short time. They had much in common, including a love of family and football, even if they did pull for opposing teams. For his birthday, Merrick surprised Wes by giving him an Auburn flag and one of her tickets for the Iron Bowl, a serious test of their relationship. Wes was such a good sport about the Alabama win that Merrick knew he truly was perfect for her, even if he did wear orange and blue.

The Proposal

Over the next few months, the couple started going to church together at Trinity, traveled together, and some important holidays passed: her friends were predicting a Christmas, then New Years, then Valentine’s Day proposal. And while Merrick felt a proposal was imminent and the couple had discussed their future together, Merrick knew Wes well enough to know he™d never propose on an obvious holiday or occasion. And boy was she correct. On January 30, 2010, Wes came over to help Merrick and her roommate move into a new apartment. After hours of moving and packing, Wes told Merrick he needed to stop by his house for something. When they got there, Wes began talking about her and about them. Suddenly, with Merrick in her moving day sweats, Wes got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. After she said yes, the couple called everyone to share the news. The next morning, they joined their parents at Ross Bridge for brunch to celebrate and start discussing wedding plans. Wes™ mom confessed to Merrick that she™d known about the proposal for a while and had a difficult time keeping the secret. She also gave Merrick her first wedding gift; a monogrammed photo album with her new initials”¦ MWW.

The Wedding & Reception

Since most of their family and friends would be traveling to Birmingham from out of town for the wedding, the couple wanted a reception venue where guests could also stay that had the feel of a destination wedding. After looking at options, they felt Ross Bridge was the only choice. Next, finding the right photographer was of paramount importance. Merrick says when she met Arden Ward of Arden Photography, she knew she was the perfect photographer and is thrilled with her wedding photos. Says Merrick; “Arden was so helpful with all of the wedding details leading up to the wedding and in fact, she really helped us on the day of the wedding more than I imagined, almost like a wedding director!”

The couple had Alan of Alan’s Invitations design a custom logo that they used on many of the design elements throughout the wedding including their save the date announcements, their wedding stationery, and programs. Their “double W” logo was even incorporated into a lighted gobo design and for the keepsake photos that were printed from their photo booth at the reception.

Merrick found the perfect gown by designer Augusta Jones at the Carriage House in Homewood and was able to customize to make it uniquely hers. She brought in designer Vince Gray from Flower Stems for the wedding and floral design which was centered around the colors of charcoal and ”˜burnt red™. Merrick says the color crimson was never used in the planning process for very obvious reasons even though her bridal shoes and her bouquet were both a very gorgeous shade of crimson. The bridesmaids charcoal Coren Moore gowns were from Bella Bridesmaids in Homewood and the groomsmen wore classic black tuxedos from Mr. Burch Formalwear. Their five tier classic white buttercream wedding cake was by Olexa’s Cakes and Catering. Art by the Slice created an extraordinary AU groom’s cake for Wes, using orange and blue M&M’s and his favorite Kit Kat candy bars as the decorations.

The couple wanted something unique to thank friends and family so Merrick’s grandfather, who makes wine, created a special bottle of their favorite wine complete with a custom wedding label.

Merrick and Wes put careful thought and consideration into each and every detail of their wedding and they saved the best for last. As the evening was winding down, the couple surprised guests with a spectacular fireworks display by Pyro Productions, Inc. that lit up the clear evening skies to the delight of the other hotel guests, who got to witness the event from their hotel balconies.

The couple is settling into married life and enjoying some of their Bromberg’s wedding gifts.

Merrick & Wes™ Bromberg’s Wedding Registry includes:
Casual China: Skyros Legado “W” Monogram
Serveware by Beatriz Ball

Congratulations, Merrick and Wes. Our very best wishes to you for a long and happy life together!

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