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Picking Perfect Engagement Rings

There are few things in life more stressful than picking out engagement rings. When you’ve found the person you want to be with forever, you want to ensure that your ring and your proposal create a moment your loved one will never forget. The ring will be one of the first things he or she sees every day after waking up, and it will be the first thing all his or her friends want to see after you’re engaged. Simply put, it is in your best interest to get this one right the first time.

So how do you go about choosing the perfect stone? While the average person wandering into a jewelry store may know very little about cut, carat, or color, there are a few simple data points that will allow you to shop as though you were a certified gem expert.

Talk About It

Open communication will solve so much in your future marriage, why not start learning the skill now? Ask what he or she would want. Does he or she prefer a gold band, or not? Have they always pictured a setting with one large diamond, or a more unique design? Finding these things out will help eliminate a wide range of options before you even begin shopping.

Let the Store Educate You

While you may not know much about the four C’s of a diamond, you can be certain that your future fiancé, or at least one of her friends, is very familiar. Take the time to get an education from a well-trained staff member. Let them show you what a quality cut really looks like and what that will mean to your future fiancé. When you combine knowledge of engagement rings with knowledge of what your sweetheart would want, you will be able to confidently select the perfect ring that will take her breath away.

Get the Right Size

A great proposal is a moment that your future spouse has imagined countless times throughout your relationship. You can be certain that in every single fantasy, the ring fit perfectly the first time. While coming out and directly asking your significant other for a ring size may be a bit of a dead giveaway, there are plenty of ways to acquire the necessary information. You could encourage a friend to take her to a jewelry store to look at rings and get sized. You could “borrow” a ring he or she acquired recently and take it to a store to compare with their sizes. Make sure that whatever you do, you have a perfectly sized ring to slide onto her finger.

Remember that your proposal will be the most repeated story of your relationship for the next several months. Choose the right ring from the right jeweler that is the right size, and you can be certain that she will remember that day with joy.

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