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Merry Christmas From Bromberg’s!


When we gaze out the window of our Mountain Brook location toward the almost magical site of our beautiful village Christmas tree we can’t help but imagine what our company founder Frederick Bromberg would think of how far we have come since he first opened up shop 179 years ago. When the first Bromberg’s location opened up in Mobile in 1836, Alabama had only been a state for 17 years. As we prepare to enter our 180th year in business we are thankful and proud to be Alabama’s oldest business firm.

We have heard many glad tidings from friends, neighbors and customers thanking us for continuing to put up our big village Christmas tree. We do so as a thank you to our customers and our community for allowing Bromberg’s to become a part of your family’s special occasions and traditions. We would not be America’s oldest family owned retailer if it weren’t for our loyal customers. So thank you! We wish everyone a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!

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