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Hostess Gifts for Every Occasion

Our Best Picks for Hostess Gifts

Some of the finer points of etiquette are, regrettably, dying away. The hand-written letter, the thank you note, and the hostess gift may seem like relics from a bygone era. But gracious living doesn’t have to die out as long as we continue to find kind and thoughtful ways to express our gratitude. A hostess gift, for example, is a tangible way to say “thank you for inviting me” or “thank you for hosting a party in honor of me” and while it may not be something that is done as often as in the past, at Bromberg’s we think this is a tradition that should continue.

So here are a few guidelines to make picking an appropriate hostess gift easy:

  • Always bring a gift the first time you visit someone’s home. That means if it’s the first time you’ve been invited by the host/hostess or if they have just moved to a new home.  
  • Match the gift to the occasion. Anyone who’s ever had dinner guests knows that a backyard barbecue and a seated dinner require completely different levels of commitment. Your hostess gift should reflect that. A set of witty cocktail napkins are great for a casual cookout, while candlelit dinner calls for something more serious, like silver napkin rings, for example. 
  • Pick something that reflects your friendship. Whether you’re visiting for the evening or staying for the weekend, your hostess gift should represent your relationship, whether business or personal, newfound or long-term. Be cautious of making decor selections, though, as those can be very personal. It’s always safe to stick with the classics: Consider a sterling or crystal photo frame complete with a photo of the two of you (if you have one). 
  • Show your hosts how well you know them. You can clearly demonstrate your gratitude to your host or hostess by presenting a gift that is uniquely suited to them: A crystal bud vase for the roses you know they so carefully cultivate. A platter or serving dish that shows appropriate high school or college team spirit for football tailgate season. 
  • Choose a gift that makes entertaining easier. Someone who enjoys hosting social gatherings of any size will always appreciate gifts that make entertaining simpler or more fun. Consider gifts such as a chic coaster set, an elegant corkscrew, or serving piece. Festive or seasonally-themed tea towels or beautifully packages handsoap soap can also make nice gifts for more casual events. 

And a couple of don™ts for hostess gifts:  

  • Don’t bring loose flowers. Fresh-cut flowers mean your hostess will have to stop greeting guests or finishing last-minute preparations in order to put them in water. If you do bring flowers, make sure they’re already in a lovely vase; better yet, consider a plant in a beautiful handcrafted pot.
  • Don’t expect your gift bottle to be served that night. A bottle of wine or fine scotch can make a wonderful hostess gift, especially when it reflects your host’s personal preferences. But remember that your hostess has likely already selected appropriate wine or libations to accompany dinner, so don’t expect to see it served during that visit.  
  • Stop by and visit with a professional at Bromberg’s to get some tips and ideas on what to bring to your next event. (We won’t expect you to bring us a hostess gift.) 


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