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A Sign of the Times: How Watch Styles Have Changed Throughout History

Watches have always been so much more than a piece of jewelry. Birmingham, AL collectors and business people alike have depended on these timepieces for years. Our wristwatches ensure we arrive to important meetings and events on time, and that we look sharp doing it. In an age when more and more people pull out a mobile device to check the time, a quality wristwatch demands and attracts attention in the best way possible.

Despite their prominence and importance in our daily lives, few people know about the history of watches. You may find it shocking that wearing a wristwatch became standard practice just about 100 years ago. Here is an in-depth look at some of the highlights of the history of this piece of functional jewelry Birmingham, AL collectors will appreciate learning about:

1200s: The mechanical clock is invented. Until now, people depended on the movement of celestial bodies, large sundials, and water clocks to track time.

1500s: Watchmaking begins in Switzerland, a long-held tradition that remains intact today. The first known pocket watch is developed, though its exact origins are unknown.

1600s: The minute and second hands are developed, though the second hand is not embraced until much later.

1700s: Flatter pocket watches are developed using a thinner movement called the Lepine calibre, which is still in use today. The self-winding mechanism is invented in the same year.

1800s: What is labeled as the world’s first wristwatch is invented for the Queen of Naples in 1812.

1900s: As World War I came to a close in 1918, wearing a wristwatch had become common among people in many countries across the world. Electric watches were introduced in 1957, and by 1962 scratch-proof versions had become available.

Today, ultra-modern, high-quality materials like titanium and carbon fiber are used in making watches and jewelry. Birmingham, Alabama residents who are interested in seeing the best watches on the market are invited to come and visit Bromberg’s for both modern and classic watch designs. You will surely be inspired by our incredible collections.

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