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Five Ways to Style Your Jewelry Like a Pro

Styling jewelry so it doesn’t clash with an outfit can be hard, but here are the best tips on how to make sure that jewelry is a statement, not an eyesore.

Styling alone can be difficult, but it’s definitely a challenge when it comes to accessorizing with the right jewelry pieces. Here are the top tricks to making sure those accessories beautifully complement whatever outfit is being coordinated.

Set a Style

Make sure there’s a particular style or vibe in mind when planning an outfit. For example, if showcasing a bright and chunky necklace, it’s probably a good idea for the rest of the outfit to be simple and classic. For a bold and Bohemian look, colorful beads may be appropriate, whereas pearls may be a better option for a preppy button-up.

Frame the Face

Earrings are a perfect way to accentuate the face. Choosing statement earrings can make an outfit go from bland to fabulous. Try long, dramatic earrings to give the illusion of an elongated neck.

Pick Glam Rings


Whether it’s a piece of costume jewelry or a glamorous ring, this simple item can make or break a look. Stacking rings is one way to add a unique character to a look, but one statement ring with a large, colorful gem can also make a head- turning impact.

Use Beautiful Bracelets

Mixing and matching different bangle-style bracelets as well as trying out the wide cuff trend can make an otherwise boring look bolder. However, make sure that these accessories are accompanied by bare arms this allows for the pieces to really attract attention.

Don’t Forget a Watch

Watches may not be as much of a necessity as they once were, but they’re still just as beautiful and stylish. A gorgeous rose gold timepiece will always turn heads. This is a classic item that is not only a functional piece, but it is also an accessory that will go with almost any outfit or style.

No matter how it’s combined, jewelry is a great way to accentuate any wardrobe and add a bit of jazz to any outfit. Hopefully, these tips will provide new ideas on how to be creative with jewelry pieces.

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