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Stunning Engagement Rings in Birmingham and Mountain Brook, AL

Bromberg's, a fine jewelry store in Alabama, has a vast selection of engagement rings for women and men. We carry collections from several top designers that feature diamond and vintage rings. From the exclusive, hand-selected stones fashioned by Hearts on Fire to the alluring optical delights of Ritani's engagement ring collection, even the most discerning client will find something to their tastes. Browse our selection online or visit us at our Mountain Brook or Birmingham store locations!

Emphasis On Diamond Cuts

Carat, color, clarity, and cost are all important considerations when selecting the perfect engagement ring. At Bromberg's, we place extra emphasis on the cut. Our jewelry designers and consultants know this is the element that can transform an ordinary band into an exquisite piece of art. The cut of a diamond is often mistaken for shape; while shape does factor into the overall aesthetic value of a stone, the cut is much more complex. A poorly cut diamond may appear dull or lackluster even if its carat and clarity are of a high standard. By contrast, precious stones cut by master jewelers will be luminous and sparkling. Bromberg's has state-of-the-art tools, such as the ASET machine, to demonstrate the quality of our cuts and showcase the amount of light the diamond will refract.

Custom Jewelers

Since 1836, Bromberg's has provided breathtaking artisanal jewelry to residents of Alabama. Our reputation as purveyors of world-class diamond engagement rings has endured for over a century, and for good reason. Bromberg's is the only member of the American Gem Society in Birmingham and is uniquely qualified to bring you the most finely crafted pieces available. Even more, our in-house Master Jeweler Philip Flenniken can create a truly one-of-a-kind piece to suit your exact specifications. Bromberg's is the fine jewelry store you can trust when looking for that perfect diamond engagement ring!

Engagement Ring Designers

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