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Buying Him The Perfect Watch For Your Engagement or Wedding

There is a male engagement ring! Find the perfect watch to gift to your guy to solidify your engagement or wedding day.

How to Find Your Groom the Perfect Watch for Your Engagement or Wedding

Congratulations you™re engaged to the man of your dreams! You love showing your ring off to anyone who asks but you may be feeling that your groom needs something he can be equally as proud to show off. It’s a tradition in the South for women to give their significant others watches for their engagement or wedding. A watch is timeless, no pun intended, and often times is a gift that is passed down through generations. Finding the perfect watch can be just as difficult as shopping for an engagement ring. Here are our tips to choosing the best watch for your engagement or wedding gift.

Select the Style That Best Suits Him
There are several styles of wristwatches to choose from that can be classified in tow main categories: the dress watch or the professional (think sports) watch.  Dress watches are simpler, classic and often have a leather band. Professional watches include diving watches, pilots watches, racing watches,  and all chronograph models. 
Another factor to consider is the type of movement a watch has. There are three main types of watch movements: quartz, mechanical or automatic. A quartz watch is battery operated and is the most precise. A traditional mechanical watch must be wound daily to keep the correct time. An automatic watch is a mechanical watch with a self-winding mechanism. A weight inside the automatic watch oscillates to put tension on the mainspring through the random motion of the watch wearer’s arm. Automatic watches can be extremely precise and are the most admired and sought after timepieces.

Find Something Understated and Elegant
Pick a classic timepiece that won™t go out of style within the next few years and something that will attract eyes for the right reasons. Quality is much more important than any other ornamental designs or bells and whistles. The watch should also be something that can be worn for many occasions, whether formal, business or casual.

Set a Budget
Your upcoming nuptials can cost a pretty penny so don™t get too over your head with your watch purchase. Do some research at jewelers to see what the cost range is for quality watches. If money is tight you could always purchase a watch face with a leather band and then upgrade to a higher quality metal later on to signify another upcoming date such as an anniversary.

Look for Something with History
If you think your guy would be interested in something vintage, visit a jewelry store that carries fine reconditioned timepieces. Make sure you only visit a reputable retailer that uses authentic parts to make repairs. An authorized dealer of the brand you are looking for is the best choice, as they should be held to a higher standard than others and they will know more about the watch overall. 

Personalize it
Engrave the new timepiece with something that is meaningful to the two of you such as your initials, engagement date, wedding date, or anything else that the two of you will understand. Your big day is so significant for both you and your groom. He™ll appreciate that you thought of him and will think of you everytime he looks down to check the time, so invest in something that is made to last.



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