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Should I Bring My Girlfriend Ring Shopping?

Many wonder whether to bring their girlfriend along when going engagement ring shopping. Try these tips to find the perfect piece and keep the surprise.
It’s a question many ask themselves, and their jeweler, when engagement ring shopping. Should I bring my significant other with me, or keep it a surprise when I pop the big question? That storybook fantasy is one of the ultimate romantic moments, one that many dream about. If the bride-to-be comes along ring shopping, that moment won’t be quite the same. On the other hand, the ring reveal is only a moment, while the love it represents will last a lifetime. It’s the most important piece of jewelry she’ll ever own, so it’s a good idea to make sure she loves it. Instead of bringing the bride along for the final purchase, grooms should consider trying these tips when engagement ring shopping.

Get Educated

Many grooms don’t pay detailed attention to their better half’s jewelry, but a little investigation can reveal a lot about a woman’s taste. Does she prefer silver, rose gold, or platinum? Does she like finely filigreed items or solid bands? Colorful gems or classic tones? Take note and even snap a few photos to show the jeweler, it will significantly improve the chances of picking something she’ll love.

Phone a Friend

If the bride-to-be has a best friend, mother, or sister that the groom feels comfortable confiding in, they can be an invaluable ally in selecting the perfect ring. It’s never a bad idea to get another woman’s opinion, but one who knows the ring-wearer intimately will have a good idea of her taste and style. Bring that close female friend or relative along when engagement ring shopping.

Try a Little Trickery

Warning: you have to be a little slick to pull this one off, but it can work like a charm if done right. The groom pretends that he wants to bring the bride-to-be along while he goes shopping for a men’s item, like a watch. Then slide over to the ring section and casually ask which ones she thinks looks good. Typically, this should be done with time to spare. This way if she does catch on, the curiosity will dissipate before the question is asked.

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