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Birthstones: Five Reasons to Go for a Personalized Gem

Birthstones make a thoughtful and beautiful gift. Here are a few reasons to consider these gems for a special person.

Jewelry that features a person’s birthstone can be a very meaningful gift. For buyers who are unsure of what kind of ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet to buy for a loved one, here are a few different reasons to choose a birthstone.

This Appassionata ring by Roberto Coin shows an example of the hidden ruby he places in each piece.

1. One of a Kind Gift

Birthstone jewelry shows that the giver took the time and energy to research the month’s gems. It’s a personalized present that will ensure a friend or loved one feels valued. And you don’t always have to choose a piece of jewelry with an obvious birthstone. You can have our jeweler add a gem in a hidden area of a piece of simple gold or silver jewelry. If you are searching for jewelry for someone born in the month of July, you might consider a piece of jewelry designed by Roberto Coin. Designer Roberto Coin “signs” his jewels by setting a small ruby hidden on the inside of each piece, allowing the distinguished gem to kiss the skin.

Here is an example of a Sapphire engagement ring by Ritani.

2. A Unique Engagement Ring

When one thinks about engagement rings one almost always immediately thinks of a diamond. And if you are looking for an engagement ring for someone born in April then you needed think on it any further because the April birthstone just happens to be diamond. But some women want to do something less traditional and their are some excellent birthstone choices for engagement rings besides diamond. We do suggest sticking with gemstones that are high on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness for engagement rings, since they are to be worn everyday. Non-diamond gems that are at the upper end of hardness are ruby, sapphire, and topaz. 

These gorgeous sapphire and diamond and ruby and diamond bands are made by Precision Set.

3. A Sweet Way to Celebrate Commitment

Many jewelry pieces can be customized to fit multiple stones, each representing a different person’s birth month. For example, a couple born in May and July might make a necklace featuring an emerald and a ruby. If both members of the couple wear jewelry regularly, they might even opt for matching pieces. Either way, jewelry that features double birthstones is the perfect custom piece to represent commitment in a relationship.

Suzy Landa makes fabulous stacking bands which are a great choice for a new mom.

4. To Celebrate a Birth

We have had the privilege to help with many celebratory gifts during our more than 180 years in the jewelry business but nothing comes close to the joy we share when we are helping with a gift to celebrate the birth of a baby. We often help fathers-to-be pick out the perfect gift for the mother of his child featuring the birthstone of the new baby. And our Master Jeweler Philip Flenniken has made custom birthstone rings, pendants, and charms for new moms and grandmothers that are always so special so if you don’t see the perfect piece of jewelry in our showcases, let us help you design something really special.

This 5mm David Yurman Cable Classics Bracelet with Peridot and Diamonds would make an August born girl very happy.

5. Perfect for Teens

Older children and teens who are just getting interested in jewelry will love something that represents their birth month. It’s the perfect way to have a very special, personalized gift. Often, teens can be hard to buy for, and this ensures a present that will be original, as well as something for them to cherish for years to come.

If you aren’t sure which birthstone goes with which month (or what the alternate birthstones are for some months) here is a chart to help you:


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