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7 Ways To Make This Year’s Small Holiday Celebrations Merry And Bright

Are you making the most of small holiday gatherings this year? If you’re anything like most families we’ve heard from in the Birmingham area, you’re eager to fast-forward into 2021. You’re also wondering what the holiday season will look like with smaller gatherings and get-togethers hosted at home this year, instead of the usual celebrations, parties, and other events. 

Perhaps this is your first time hosting the holidays at your own house, rather than traveling to see friends and family. 

Whatever your situation might be this holiday season, we at Bromberg’s wish you warm holiday cheer, filled with new memories and experiences. 

Here are a few ways you can continue to make the holidays memorable on a much smaller scale this year!

7 Ways to Brighten Up A Small Holiday Gathering

Embrace a theme

Many hosts and hostesses enjoy small gatherings with a particular theme in mind. Whether it’s White Christmas and having your family don their finest winter white attire or a matching pajama-clad clan, establishing a holiday theme sets the tone for a happy, festive day.  

Look for a little luxe

Smaller get-togethers also mean more luxurious get-togethers. Enhance and elevate traditional lunch, brunch, or dinner with new serving ware, glasses, or fine china. Your Bromberg’s dishes that you received as a wedding gift? Repurpose them for a romantic, elegant holiday meal for you and your family.  

Try a non-traditional menu

If typical holiday food isn’t for you, make something you’ve always wanted for your own Christmas or holiday celebration. Try out a new recipe or perfect one from an old family cookbook. By the time the next holiday season arrives, you’ll be a pro at this new dish and perhaps make it part of your celebrations from now on.

Make it *feel* like the holidays

You can use sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures to lift the spirits and the senses. If you have artificial trees in your home, consider adding elements to bring spruce or pine aroma elsewhere. Music is also an excellent way to make it feel like the holidays in a matter of minutes. 

Take the opportunity to slow down 

The holiday season’s busy rush typically leaves people feeling like they need a vacation from their Christmas vacation. Having a less-hurried schedule this time of year is a blessing in many ways. Take some time this holiday season to enjoy the slower pace and the not-as-filled schedules. 

Start a new tradition

A low-key holiday makes an ideal environment for embracing new traditions. Play a game with your kids, bring letter-writing back into style and correspond with family miles away, or bring your family to take a photo in front of the Bromberg’s Christmas tree! Whatever your new thing for 2020 might be, it’s sure to be memorable. 

Put thoughtfulness into gift-giving

Indeed, smaller, more intimate holiday celebrations with our closest loved ones provide the perfect opportunity to get the special people in your life something they’ll truly remember and appreciate. From birthstone jewelry to statement pieces and watches to items for the home or dining room table, you’re sure to find something to make the season a little brighter for those you care about. 

Shop with Bromberg’s this holiday season

From the Bromberg family to yours, we want to wish you a wonderful season filled with hope, peace, and love. More than ever, we’re here to make your shopping experience safe and enjoyable, no matter where you decide to shop: in-store or online. 

We will have extended store hours in December, and we’ll be smiling through our masks at each customer that walks through our doors. Along with plenty of hand sanitizer, we will also offer our beautiful, signature silver gift wrap and free local delivery, plus we can arrange curbside pickup or shipping for you.

We’re also excited to announce that we have launched a new online store. While not all of our merchandise is online yet, we will be adding more products each week. 

For those shopping at home who want to browse our full inventory, please give us a call or email one of our expert associates. We also have several holiday guides published on our blog. 

We’re happy to set up a virtual appointment with you to pick out the perfect gift. Call us at our Mountain Brook location at (205) 871-3276 or The Summit at (205) 969-1776.

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