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Give the Perfect Piece of Jewelry This Anniversary

Jewelry is a great way to celebrate another year of marriage. A trip to the jewelry store is the first step in the quest for the best anniversary gift.

As a wedding anniversary approaches, a trip to the jewelry store is often in order, with husbands and wives searching for the perfect anniversary gift. Presenting a special piece of jewelry can be an ideal way to demonstrate love and commitment to a spouse, as well as the desire for many more years together.

Rather than going into the decision blind, some couples prefer to narrow down the search by following anniversary gift tradition. Every year of a marriage corresponds to a specific metal or precious stone. When celebrating a specific anniversary, husbands and wives can choose a piece of jewelry that incorporates the assigned metal or gemstone.

First Anniversary

Although disposable income can be limited during the first year of a marriage, a little planning can make it possible to present your spouse with a piece of gold jewelry such as a necklace, charm bracelet, or cuff links.

Fifth Anniversary

Sapphire is the gemstone assigned to the fifth anniversary. This durable gem is usually a brilliant blue, making it an eye-catching feature of earrings, a cocktail ring, or a necklace.

10th Anniversary

Diamonds are an ideal way to celebrate this milestone. Presenting an anniversary band to compliment a wedding ring could be a winning anniversary gift. A diamond ring could also be a memorable gift for him.

20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of marital bliss calls for emeralds. These beautifully green stones make wonderful special occasion pieces such as cocktail rings, statement pendants, or bracelets.

25th Anniversary

When this silver anniversary approaches, make the gift center around sterling silver. Although a gift of jewelry such as a pendant or a watch would be appropriate, there are other possibilities to consider as well. Home accents such as candleholders or figurines could be an apt way to mark this milestone.

Regardless of which marriage milestone is being celebrated, a visit to the local high-end jewelry store to find the perfect precious stone or metal will make for a memorable anniversary gift that gives a message of love.

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