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This weekend we “fall back” from Daylight Saving Time to standard time in the US while last weekend was the start of what is called “Winter Time” in Europe. The reason Daylight Saving Time came to be was that giving one more hour of daylight during the summer evenings was thought to save energy. And while the practice of seasonal time change has been popular in many parts of the world for more than a century, The Uniform Time Act wasn’t signed into law in the US until 1966. Don’t forget to set your watches back one hour tonight before you go to bed and enjoy the extra hour of rest. If you need help setting your watch, stop by to see us Monday. We are always glad to be of service. #TudorWatch #BornToDare #BBBronze #fallback #wintertime #timechange #standardtime #brombergsjewelry #brombergswatch #officialtudorjeweler

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