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William Henry Meteorite Duo Cuff Links


Nothing like finishing your cuffs with a star – literally. The Meteorite Duo cufflinks are crafted from sterling silver with a powerful design that puts some weighted style on your sleeves. The inlays are meteorite – the raw material of a meteor that crashed to Earth from the cosmos. Understated simplicity that belies one of the greatest stories we could ever tell – in a timeless accessory that is a must for every man.

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William Henry uses the latest state-of-the-art casting equipment to create mesmerizing pieces. These cuff links are made with sterling silver and beautiful sections of the Gibeon Meteorite, which fell in prehistoric times in Namibia.
The fragments of the meteorite in the strewn field are dispersed over an elliptical area 171 miles long and 62 miles wide; it was discovered by the local Nama people and used by them to make tools and weapons.
In 1836 the English captain J. E. Alexander collected samples of the meteorite and sent them to London. There, John Herschel analyzed them and confirmed for the first time the extraterrestrial nature of the material.
As a purely natural material, the patterns may include small inclusions, distinctive and unique to each item we produce.

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