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Every piece of Marco Bicego jewelry is handcrafted in Italy, with each step of the production done in house, ensuring the highest quality of fine jewelry. Bicego prides homeself on using old-world techniques learned from his father to create beautiful pieces that versatile yet classic.

We invite you to experience the Italian luxury of Marco Bicego jewelry at Bromberg's.

Our full collection of Marco Bicego jewelry is available in our stores with select, best-selling pieces available online.

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Hand Engraving

The exclusive technique that is a hallmark of the brand

Marco Bicego's signature hand engraving is made with the traditional "Bulino," an ancient tool devised for the art of hand carving. The fine, brushed finish is what sets the brand apart and makes each piece unique and recognizable.

Multicolored Gemstone

A bespoke mix of varying shades of precious gemstones is a signature Marco Bicego look

Multicolored gemstones are combined in a unique way rendering each creation truly one of a kind. The delicate hues and different shades of natural gemstones deliver one of a kind individuality to each piece.

Hand Twisted Coil

The hand twisted coil brings a contemporary "twist" to the timeless elegance of gold

The inner coil is the key to the luxuriousness of Marco Bicego's hand twisted designs, made from a thick strand of gold which is then tightly wound with 18 karat gold "thread" into various shapes and finishes.

"Every jewel is entirely handmade. It is unique, like the woman who wears it."

– Marco Bicego

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  • Logo Image For Jewelry Stores Birmingham, AL - Bromberg & Co Inc.