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We recently asked Janice Bowman, our Mountain Brook lead Bridal Consultant and China Buyer, which china pattern is currently her favorite and she chose Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted, which comes in several variations that mix and match wonderfully. Blue Fluted Plain was Royal Copenhagen’s first dinner service design back in 1775, with Blue Fluted Lace following five years later and Blue Fluted Half Lace added 100 years later. Modern interpretations such as Blue Elements and Blue Palmette have added even more charm to the Blue Fluted family. This beautifully classic pattern has certainly stood the test of time! Stop by and visit with Janice for expert advice on picking out a china patterns that will make you happy for years to come. #bridalregistry #weddingregistry #bridalconsultant #chinapattern #royalcopenhagen #blueandwhite #brombergsbride #brombergsjewelry #timelesstablescapes

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