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Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire | Jewelry Collection

A Hearts On Fire diamond truly sparkles ”“ there is no other way to describe it. It's a performance simply unseen in other diamonds.

Want to know more? It's because Hearts on Fire starts with less than 1/10th of 1% of the world's natural rough diamonds and all Hearts on Fire diamonds boast a perfect ring of eight hearts on the bottom and a perfectly formed, symmetrical Fireburst® on the top that will outshine any other diamond. As a result, a Hearts On Fire diamond displays a perfection you can actually see. A perfection that still stands alone today.

As light enters the diamond, it descends downward into the pavillion. A standard diamond with an inferior cut leaks light from the bottom and sides. Too deep or too shallow a cut, and the light that gives a diamond its brilliance is lost. However, because of its perfectly symmetrical cut and increased surface area, a Hearts On Fire diamond captures that light and reflects it from the top, creating maximum brilliance and fire.

Have you ever heard someone compliment a diamond that blinds them from across the room? With a Hearts On Fire diamond, this is no longer a rare occurrence ”“ this is a promise.

That's why due to their unique and exclusive high-quality cut, Hearts On Fire diamond-cutting experts specialize in only two exceptional diamond cuts ”“ Hearts On Fire (Round) and the Dream (Square). Both are extraordinary in their own ways.

Stop in either Bromberg's location to see with your own eyes how diamond jewelry from Hearts On Fire performs.

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Hearts on Fire earrings
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Hearts On Fire ring
Hearts On Fire Earrings
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